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Holiday Grams

Price: 10 dollars 

Holiday gift will include: hot chocolate pack, mug, hershey chocolate bar, Oreos, candy canes, popcorn and rice Krispy treats 

Holiday Grams will be delivered to your front door (contactless delivery), no delivery outside DHS 

When checking out there would be a mandatory question asking if the holiday gram is for themself (make sure that they put there name) or for someone else (if it is for someone else make sure to put who it is from and who it is for, correct address for delivery)



Student store

Brought to you by the DHSHS United Student Body 

With Covid-19 and the pandemic, we want our students at DHSHS to be able to purchase all their merchandise and be able to participate in any clubs/activities offered. Our United Student Body has been hard at work this past summer so every student at DHSHS is able to enjoy their school year to the fullest!

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